Hello, well this is my first ever blog and I thought i would introduce myself. I’m Stuntgoat, don’t worry I’m not some farm yard animal forced to jump out of burning buildings so Tom Cruise doesn’t have to, though he’s about the same size! The name is from my xbox live gamertag and was also the name of a band I was in with some mates. I’m from the city of sauce and Porcelain, Worcester in the UK.

I’d never really though about doing something like this but a friend of mine from xbox live, Glidemaniac (check out his excellent website www.jameswoodcock.co.uk) convinced me I should start a blog just so I can keep him up to date with whats happening in the movie world, especially as he didn’t even know there was a new Superman film coming out! Sorry Glide! So here we are, it won’t just be movies but music and TVand anything that takes my interest really.