To get to know my tastes in film and music I thought I would share with you my top 10 favourite Movies and Bands/Artists.

Top 10 Movies

1. Jaws. Just the prefect film for me, great story, great action, brilliant cast, I don’t care what people think about the shark, still looks scary. Only regret is I’ve never got to see it on the big screen.

2.Star Wars. Or Episode IV, if you want to be nerdy!  Just a great film I could watch over and over. I’ll even come out and admit it, i thought the prequels weren’t that bad!

3.Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Simply a classic. A great old fashioned adventure romp. Hope the intended fourth part lives up to the others.

4.The Blues Brothers. I have my dad to thank for this, he taped it one night just cause of the music acts on it, didn’t even know what it was about. Great music and a very silly tone, with one of the best car chases ever.

5.Almost Famous. Probably the last time I went to the cinema and saw a film that i thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish, one of those films you don’t want to end. The dvd extended cut was even better. If you love music i can highly recommend this film.

6.Fight Club. David Fincher’s masterpiece that just gets better the more you watch it, first time I saw it i told all my mates to go watch it. Who then came back and told me it was shit! No accounting for taste!

7.Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy. One of the silliest films you will probably ever see but thats what i love about it. Got cruelly ignored when it came out due to dodgeball, but an infintely more funny film, Brick Tamland is one of the funniest characters ever, I Love Lamp!

8.Die Hard. Probably one of the best action films ever. A film that turned the genre on it’s head, with numerous imitations of the normal guy in over his head saving the day.

9.X-Men. I don’t know what it is about comic book movies that I love so much, i’ve never read a comic book in my life but I just love the movies based on them. Spidey, The Hulk, i even thought Daredevil wasn’t bad. The star of this film is definetely Wolverine and I look forward to part 3 and then the Wolverine spinoff.

10.Superman:The Movie. Finally and no way last the ultimate comic book film. This film will always hold a special place for me as it was the first film I ever saw at the cinema and I can still remember the cheer when the man of steel finally appears on screen!  Cannot wait to see Superman Returns.

Top 10 Bands/ Artists

1. Radiohead

2.Ben Folds/Five

3.The Divine Comedy


5.The Flaming Lips


7.Ben Kweller

8.Super Furry Animals

9.Brendan Benson

10.Goldie Lookin’ Chain