With the release last week of Mission Impossible III, we are now at the start of the summer movie season, the time of year when the cinemas are filled with the films that most hollywood studios are relying on for their profits. So what can we look forward to over the next 3-4 months.

Mission Impossible III. Well if you’re a fan of the franchise you may have already seen this. I went opening day with a lot of hope for this, especially as i am a big fan of director JJ Abrams work on Tv series Alias. To be honest this film does feel like a bit budget version of the show, with the Cruiser replacing Jennifer Garner!  It’s not as bad as some reviews have made it out to be, the action scenes are very impressive, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman just eats the screen as the villian, it’s just a shame that his evil plot is a bit vague. Like the first film I was left a bit confused about what was actually going on. For spaced fans look out for Simon Pegg as the tech guy (Marshall tone down for Alias fans!). Marks out of 10:6

The Da Vinci Code: I am probably the only person in the world who hasn’t read the book this is based on, and this i think is a good thing. I am a bit of a Tom Hanks fan and am looking forward to film and I think not knowing much about it will make it a more enjoyable film. This worked with the first Harry Potter film, hence me not reading any of those books till i’ve seen the films!  This is about some secret being kept by the vatican about Jesus having kids, looks alright from the trailer, and Ron Howard is a pretty reliable director. We shall find out when it is released on May 19th.

X-Men:The Last Stand. To say I am looking forward to this is an understatement. I loved the first two films, Bryan Singer did a fantastic job, giving the comic book movie real gravitas. His exit from the series did worry me though, but having seen a couple of trailers I am staring to feel more confident that Brett (Rush Hour) Rattner won’t let the memory of the first two down. Anyone who saw Red Dragon knows he can do serious as well as comical actioners. This alleged final part, sees the x-men under threat from not only a cure to their mutations, but a civil war breaking out between old enemies Magneto and Professor X. Here’s fingers crossed this works. Strangely Fox are saying this is the last x-men film, though there are two spin off movies in the works, with the Magneto history and a Wolverine movie which sounds like Hugh Jackman is signed for, can’t wait. Release Date: May 26th

Poseidon. Hollywood’s current trend for remakes continues with this big budget remake of disaster movie classic, The Poseisdon Adventure.  I can’t say I have much memory of the original, i sure i must have sat down one sunday afternoon and watched it as a kid., but didn’t have much of an effect on me. This new ‘vision’ of the story is directed by sea movie veteran Wolfgang Petersen who brought us Das Boot and The Perfect Storm, and also the hugely under-rated thriller ‘In The Line Of Fire’.  It might have better effects and different actors but the story is essentially the same, boat gets hit by big wave and flips over and the survivors climb up to the bottom of the boat to survive. I think this looks a bit of fun and the boat rolover sequence looks amazing from the trailer. Unfortunately the reviews I’ve seen over at Harry Knowles excellent movie site (www.aintitcool.com) haven’t been too kind, but i look forward to seeing it for myself when it’s released on June 2nd.

Omen 666.Another remake (has Hollywood no new ideas?) this time of a horror classic about the devils spawn damien. Apparently very faithful to the original but whats the point of that you mat as well rent the original. Setting it in modern day will obviously make it more attractive to a new generation. Director John Moores previous film Flight Of The Phoenix, another remake, wasn’t bad so this might be alright. Released June 6.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. The main reason to watch the first film was Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow, and it’s probably the same reason for watching this sequel, though Keira Knightley is another good reason! The new adventures of Jack see him on the search for Davy Jones Locker. From the look of the trailer theres fun to be had along the way. Should be one of the summers biggest films. Released July 6.

Superman Returns. As mentioned in my previous post, Superman:The Movie holds a special place inmy heart as it was the first film i saw at the cinema. When the dvd came out I got to relieve it all over again, with better sound and a longer cut. it was followed by three sequels, II was very good, whilst 3 and 4 were very average. Returns director Bryan Singer thought the same and so this new episode follows on from part two, with Supes gone off on a sabbatical returning to find Lois with child and new bloke, and Lex Luthor (in the form of Kevin Spacey Inspired casting!) up to no good. To say this is the film I am most excited about this year is an understatement, just hope it lives up to my expectations. Released July 14.

Cars. Could this film spell the end of Pixars run of success, this is what the naysayers would have us believe. I wouldn’t count against Pixar, ever! This story of a race cars friendship with an old banger and their roadtrip doesn’t inspire hope but with Toy Story chief John Lassiter back behind the wheel, I think it’s in safe hands. Find out July 28.

Miami Vice. Heat director Michael Mann returns to where it all began in his classic 80’s TV show. This time round Crockett and Tubbs are played by Colin Farrell and Oscar winner and Collateral co-star Jamie Foxx.From the trailer looks like Mann’s visuals are all there hopefully so’s the theme tune! Released August 4.

Lady In The Water. I will come out and say it, I love Unbreakable, I thought it was a fantastic movie, and I don’t think M Night Shyamalan has made a bad movie since Sixth Sense. I look forward to seeing this story of the water nymph found by a janitor in his apartment pool. Of course as with every Night film we will be looking for the twist, though could the twist be there isn’t one. With Paul Giamatti on lead should be good. Released August 18.

Snakes On A Plane. The title says it all, and was the reason Samuel L Jackson signed on. This film has become a online frenzy with fansites set up before filming even started, such is interest of a title that does what it say on the tin! The basic story is Mobsters want a key witness knocked off before he can testify, so they well…. the title says it all. Will Mr Jacksons FBI agent save the day? Find out on August 18.

Nacho Libre. What do you think of a film about a Friar who moonlights as a wrestler to raise money to save his orphange? Oh i forgot to mention the friar is played by Jack Black and the film is directed by the manwho brought us Napolean Dynamite. So expect a qurky comedyon August 11th.

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