Now when most directors films get a critical panning they tend to go on the defensive and say how they don’t get it etc. Well now a director is literally taking a defensive position. Uwe Boll a modern Ed Wood responsible for all those terrible games-based film, such as House Of The Dead and Alone In The Dark, is taking on his critics, In The Ring!!  He is currently filming a movie called Going Postal and the film features a boxing match so Boll has put out an offer that any professional critic that has written at least two negative reviews of his films up to the end of 2005, can come down to the set and go a round in the ring with him!!!!   Check out Ain’t It Cool news for the full story . I think he is gonna have a few offers, maybe Johnathan Ross will turn up!! Lets hope that Mike Tyson took up film critic as a job after boxing, then we will be spare more of these terrible movies!