Nothing like some really good news at the end of the week! Just been on top movie site, www.darkhorizons.com, and they had the great news that the legendary Futurama is returning. The classic series was produced by Simpsons head honcho Matt Groening, and ran for 72 episodes between 1999 and 2003 before much to everyones disbelief it was cancelled by Fox. Despite this it when onto to sell phenomenal amounts of DVD’s and gathered a huge cult following. There have been rumours for the last few years of a return and now finally it’s official. The Comedy Central network has done a deal for the rights to the existing episodes and the new set which willl be at least 13 long. The original voice talent will all return but you will have to wait, the new series won’t air till 2008!! Oh well have the DVD’s to keep us going till then!