A few years ago I remember reading the future projects section of a film magazine and seeing Disney’s plan to make a film of a theme park ride. Like many I gave a snigger and turned the page, how wrong was I. Come the summer of 2003 and one of the biggest hits was Pirates Of The Carribean: The Curse Of The Black Pearl. An old fashioned adventure tale, whose success came down to the performance of one man, Johnny Depp. His show stopping performance as Captain Jack Sparrow, earned him an Oscar Nomination, and a huge new fan base. So it was no surprise to see him return in the first of two sequels.

 So here we are with Pirates Of The Carribean: Dead Mans Chest. The chest belonging to Davy Jones who has a debt owed to him by Jack and wants it paid. So begins another adventure with Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) trying to find Captain Sparrow, and the afformentioned chest. Most of the cast from the original are back along with a few surprises, and a great turn from Bill Nighy as the tentacled Davy Jones. The action sequences rival the original including a great fight on a wheel, and as you would expect the special effects are fantastic. But it’s not all about the bangs, how is Jack, well he’s back to his best, great lines and brilliant physical comedy. Without him this series wouldn’t have got past the first film, with him it could go on and on. This has been called ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ of pirate movies and it certainly ends on a cliffhanger, but unlike that Star Wars movie doesn’t better the original, but it’s not far off. It does drag a little but not so much you’ll get bored.

Overall a great summer movie and worth going to , especially to see Depp at his best again.  Rating 8/10.