Back in 1992 a film came out written by man called Joss Whedon, this film was Buffy The Vampire Slayer. I never saw it, though my brother did, the overall opinion was that it was pretty average, so it was a surprise five years later when a TV series of this was launched and became a huge hit, and spawned a spin-off series Angel. Both these series were also created by Joss Whedon. When Buffy and Angel finally finished everyone looked to see what he would come up with next. The result was Firefly a sorf of mashed up Western/Sci- Fi. The first few episodes did reasonably well and grew a following but the network executives weren’t happy and shelved it after only fifthteen episodes, the fans weren’t happy. It seemed that we had seen the last of Captain Reynolds and the crew of the Serenity, or so we thought!  Last Summer I went to see a new Sci-fi film called Serenity, it had great reviews and looked pretty good. I did enjoy it but felt a bit lost, this was the reincarnation of Firefly on the big screen. Recently I spotted the DVD boxset of Firefly very cheap on the net so thought I would check it out, damn what had I missed! A great show with brilliant characters, witty dialogue and fantastic action sequences, It had all the trademarks of a Joss Whedon show and as the episodes went on you really started to feel for the characters. Then it was over, far too soon, you could tell it had been axed as it had no proper send off, it just ends leaving you with many questions! So I have now ordered Serenity to watch again in a whole new light, where I know who all these characters are and where they came from, can’t wait!  Which brings me to the point of this, if you liked the Buffy and Angel and like a bit of Sci-Fi give it a try, the boxset is pretty cheap around £18 in HMV cheaper online and Serenity is a Bargain at £7.99 on I just hope that after the success of Serenity on the big screen that we might see the return on the small screen of this show, thats after Joss has finished making the Wonder Woman movie!!