When I was a wee nipper I was taken to the cinema by my dad to see the original Superman The Movie. I have a few memories despite being young, i remember the anticipation at seeing the man of steel appearring on the screen as he doesn’t appear for a while, throughout the cinema you could hear the kids asking “When’s Superman going to appear?” When he did there was a big cheer, I also remember Lois’s car being eaten up by the road, not much else though. When the DVD came out a few years ago it was like watching it for the first time, with a big soundtrack, and brilliant picture, it took me back and gave me a new love of the movie. Number II was pretty damn good, though after that it dropped in quality, in fact I’ve only seen Superman IV once and don’t really remember it. Since then I’ve loved Smallville and enjoyed the earlier series of Lois and Clark, but since I heard that Bryan (X-Men) Singer was bringing the Man of Steel back to the big screen, I’ve been pretty excited. I loved his work on the X-Men films and The Usual Suspects, but also this man’s favourite Film is Jaws, and to me that shows great taste, he even named his production comapny after a line from that film, Bad Hat Harry Productions. So what would he make of Superman, could he succeed in bringing back such a huge Icon, the answer, you’re damn right he has!!!

  This new movie is everything I hoped it would be, it pays a great amount of respect to the work of Richard Donner and obviously the late Christopher Reeve. When the John Williams theme kicked in at the start I got a shiver down my spine, and as the opening credits soared through space I knew they had got it right.  The story follows on from Superman II, Kal el has heard that astronomers might have found Krypton so he goes back to look for survivors. In the five years he is away, Lex Luthor has been released and is up to his old tricks and Lois has a son and fiance. Upon his return he finds the world a much different place, a world that has got used to him not being around, a world much like our today. How will he deal with these changes and what is Lex Luthor planning?    Obviously a lot of the success of this film relies on the man in the suit and in Brandon Routh they have found a mighty successor to Christopher Reeve. He plays the role with such dignity, really capturing the emotional turmoil going on in Superman, and when he his in the suit of Clark Kent he brings a great warmth and humour, as well as looking spookily like his predcessor.  

In the role of Lois Lane we have Kate Bosworth, who is good but just doesn’t seem to have the chemistry that Margot Kidder had, I think with another film she could start to grow into the role. 

Everyone remembers Gene Hackman’s turn as Lex Luthor the ‘Greatest Criminal Mind Of Our Time’, who had great plans but never seemed that bad a person. Kevin Spacey has changed that, his Luthor has not only got big plans but has a real evil side to him, especially in his face off with Superman. He is quite shocking.

Obviously in the time since the last Superman film things have leaped higher than a tall building in the special effects department. Not only will you believe a man can fly but you will be blown away how great he looks. The opening action scene is just fantastic and they have now really made him look like someone who really is faster than a speeding bullet. Unlike some films of late that rely on the effects to bring the public in, with this film they just add to the experience not swamping it.  There are also some poignant scenes which some might find a bit soft in what is billed as an action film, but the whole spine of the superman legend has always been the relationship been Clark/Superman and Lois, as well as his hero antics. This is a film that I think you could come back to numerous times. I think in the times we live in today Superman has gained a real poignancy the sort of hero we wish existed.

 So overall what can I say, I loved it, just a great film, and if I see anything better this year I will be surprised. With Pirates 2 and now Superman Returns, this could be a great summer for film fans!  Rating 9/10