Big news and one of the worst kept secrets in Hollywood recently, the role of the Joker in the new Batman film will be played by Heath Ledger.  Recently seen getting all cuddly with Jake Gyenhall in Brokeback Mountain,for which he recieved an Oscar Nomination, and probably known best for A Knights Tale.  He will be facing up to Christian Bales’ Batman in the sequel titled The Dark Knight. Again it will be directed by Christopher Nolan, who did such a fantastic job of the first film, and it will be written by the Nolan and David Goyer also responsible for Batman Begins.  It’s a strange choice for the Joker but he certainly has the grin and might be a more human villain and less of a cartoon like Jack Nicholson’s previous incarnation.  The film starts production early next year, but not sure when we will see it on the big screen.