This year Superman Returns is not the only Superman film being released. In the 1950’s Superman could ony be seen in comic books or on the television. The TV series was The Adventures of Superman and the lead role was played by George Reeves. This role propelled him into the spotlight and he was soon a huge star. The suddenly at the height of his fame he was found shot dead from an apparent suicide. Many people though don’t believe that someone who had it all would take his own life, and the rumours have circulated ever since that he was murdered. Now this story has been made into a new movie called Hollywoodland, which stars Ben Affleck as Reeves, with Adrien Brody(King Kong) as the detective looking into the case. It also features Bob Hoskins as the MGM studio head whose wife played by Diane Lane, had an affair with Reeves and provides one of the theories for his death. This will no doubt be chasing Oscar glory, but also looks like a great thriller. You can check the trailer out at: