Can’t say it wasn’t expected, but after saving the hostages of Nakatomi Plaza, then the passengers of Airliners, and finally running amock in New York, John Mclane returns in ‘Live Free Or Die Hard’ (aka Die Hard 4).  Bruce Willis is obviously returning in the role that made him a movie star, this time he’s battling Techno Terrorists trying to shut down the US’s computers. This would explain it’s original title Die Hard 4.0. Unfortunately John McTiernan isn’t returning to the directors seat, this time it will be occupied by Len Weisman, the director of the two Underworld films. No other cast have been announced of yet but it will get it’s US release on June 29th 2007.  

Not too sure about the story, and I’ve only seen the first Underworld which was okay, apart from Kate Beckinsale in the PVC suit!!!, but it’s still a Die Hard film after all, and they have been great so far.