I’m not a huge horror film fan but I recently watched two pretty good examples from the genre. The discs I watched were rental copies so didn’t have all the extras, but I’ll tell you what they did have.

Final Destination 3

  The second sequel in the horror franchise and I didn’t hold out much hope. The first film was a great new twist on the horror film, but the second one was just see how many stupid deaths they could have. This new has more gory deaths but it’s more like the first film. Again an American teenager has a premonition of an accident to come, this time on a rollercoaster, (a pretty shocking accident it is too), so gets off screaming of what she saw, so again a few others get off as well, only to then see their friends die on the ride.  The set ups for the deaths of the other teenagers, as death stalks them, are pretty inventive and leave you guessing. In fact even though we sirt of know who will die it’s still throws upa few surprises and doesn’t hold back on the gore!   Extras wise unfortunately the rental disc doesn’t have the god like mode where you can change the direction of the film and decide to save some of the characters. If anyone has this disc I would love to hear about this feature and whether it’s any good. The only extra I briefly checked out was the Commentary by the director and writer which like the first films commentary gives you a few clues to look out for. (In Final Destination 1 check out the pictures on the wall in the airport departure lounge!). If you enjoyed the first film this is well worth checking out.


  I heard a lot about how horrific this film was, so waited till I had finished my lunch before watching it, needn’t have worried. Okay some of it is pretty extreme, (eye scene) it’s no worse than most horror films. Presented by Quentin Tarantino, this is director Eli Roths follow up to Cabin Fever, the kids in a cabin flick. It centres around three guys, two Yanks and an Icelander, backpacking around Europe. Of course we catch up with them in Amsterdam, doing what most blokes do in Amsterdam! While here they are told about a Hostel in Slovakia where they can get as many women as they want, so following their ladibo’s they head off to Bratislava. After checking into the Hostel the rumours turn out to be true with numerous clothesless ladies wating for them. As is always the way everything isn’t all it seems, they are a trap to get tourists for ‘Elite Hunting’ a different kind of executive entertainament.  I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination. This is a pretty gory film and pretty shocking, some may say that it’s too much but it’s not done in an exploitative way but as part of the story.  Like Final Destination it has a few surprises and if you can tolerate a bit of gore it’s worth checking out. The extras on the disc are as good as the film. There’s a pretty substantial and very funny making off ,split into three parts, filmed by the directors brother. There’s also four, yes four commentaries by Director Elis Roth, one with him alone and three with various people joining him. The one I had a brief listen to featured Quentin Tarantino and two other producers and was very funny. In fact I might buy the dvd to have a listen to this in full. As I said if you are a horror fan I can recommend this film. Also I’ve heard there is going to be a sequel.