Movies of games have so far been pretty poor, from Super Mario Bros. to Streetfighter up to Silent Hill. The next one up is Dead Or Alive and it looks awful, but in 2008 this could all change!  Soon one of the biggest grossing games of all time is making the leap to the big screen, the game is of course Halo. When the second game was released it made more money than most movie blockbusters, and showed that games are not just cinemas poor cousin.  The film adaption has already got a big foot in the door with Lord Of The Rings supremo Peter Jackson on producing duties, with his effects house Weta taking control of the special effects.   So the big question was who was going to direct a film that has so much expectation and a massive fan base already, well the answer is Neill Blomkamp!  Who? I hear you ask. Amazingly they are putting the film in the hands of a first time director, but you will know some of his work, as he is the man responsible for the dancing Citroen car, as well as a few short films. It does seem like a strange choice but Peter Jackson knows what he’s doing, and if you would like to hear what this new director has to say go over to the excellent ain’t it cool website where they have an interview with the man. You can read it here . Sounds like he cares about the film which is a good thing, and he’s not Uwe Boll!  Roll on 2008!!