After the night of the ‘Thieving Pregnant Bitches’ (a long story!), Sunday started off to a great start as the picture above shows. Yes the Sun came out for the first time, and the cheers could be heard across all the campsites. For me this was great as it meant I wouldn’t have to wear my post office coat and get people asking me where their giro was, for the whole day!  The day was also special for me as two of my top 3 bands were playing, Radiohead, more of them later, and The Divine Comedy, who were my frst visit of the day on the Main V Stage. Luckily there wasn’t a huge amount of people watching them so I managed to get virtually to the front.  In the past Neil Hannon has been a bit reluctant to play their better known tracks at festivals, not today. First off was The National Express, a kareoke favourite of mine, which immediately got the crowd going. The set then was a mixture of tracks from the new album, Victory For The Comic Muse, and classics like Something For The Weekend and becoming More Like Alfie, and of course the now regular festival cover, this time Nelly Furtado’s Maneater. A great set, reinforcing why they are one of my favourite bands.

Next up was a band that I have been told by two friends are great live and they weren’t wrong. The Magic Numbers were the perfect follow up to the DC and their summer tunes went down really well with the sun up in the sky. They played all the singles and highlight tracks from their debut album, as well as new tracks which sounded great, cannot wait to hear their next album.

How do you follow up nice summery tunes?, with a bit of indie rock, in the form of Bloc Party. I loved there debut album Silent Alarm, though it did wear out a bit, but I was still keen to see them. They seemed to be enjoying themselves and live their music sounds as good as on the CD. The set consisted of mainly the album and single Two More Years, though they did sneak in a couple of new tracks. The only downside, well the rain came back for a bit, but didn’t lower our spirits.

The follow up act on the main stage was Keane, but having seen them last time I decided to check out the weird world of We Are Scientists. Unfortunately due to the phone network being as reliable as the train network I couldn’t find my friends so found a spot near the stage and awaited the bands arrival. What an arrival, with the sounds of motorbikes revving the guys rolled onto the stage on little tricycles and crash helmets. After parking their beasts, they got straight into rocking our socks off with their distinct brand of rock. Banging tracks out from their debut album With Love And Squalor, they were a pleasant surprise, using the Editors Guitars for some reason, and joined on one track by Bloc Party’s guitarist. They finished, and the announcement went out that next band The Ordinary Boys weren’t playing, which got a huge cheer!!! i didn’t care I was off to watch Beck!!!

I’ve seen Beck once at the rather small Birmingham Academy and he blew my socks off, so I had high hopes for his perfomance today. Wow is all I can say, okay I’ll say a bit more. Beck was joined on stage by a bunch of puppets, no Keane didn’t join him! At the back of the stage was a miniature version of the stage, on it were puppets of every member of the band who proceeded to copy everything that their real life versions did, including scratching the decks. it was just total genius, with the puppets appearing on the screens, you had to do double takes all the time. This brilliant idea got even better when Becks band started playing the track Clap Hands on a table of plates and cutlery, over to the puppets and they were doing the same.  it was just a great idea done to such a brilliant degree that it was my highlight of the festival and we still had Radiohead left! Oh and I personally thought the Beck puppet looked like Owen Wilson!

 So onto to my favourite band and the last band of the weekend, Radiohead. Luckily i managed to get next to sound booth which wasn’t that far from the stage, so had a great view. Didn’t really know what to expect, from Thom Yorke and the boys would it be all new stuff or the greatest hits? Well a bit of both, they played old classics like The Bends, Street Spirit, Paranoid Android and a few tracks from the electronic albums of Kid A and Amnesiac. The new tracks sounded great, but when we will see the new CD, who knows?. The only problem was that when they played the newer stuff the loud mouths behind got bored and proceeded to talk throughout them. Thankfully they moved to allow me and my friends to enjoy the rest of the set. The stage design was great with loads of odd shaped screens all over the backdrop all connected to CCTV cameras, which gave an eerie tone to the show. So how did they finish the set, well to a huge roar and a big surprise, with Creep! Couldn’t have asked for a better end to the show, and the perfect end to the festival. 

 Overall I didn’t think the festival was as good as previous years, it has become a bit too commercialised, and it seems that the crowd has changed, from the early days when it was mostly music fans to now where it seems to be mostly people who are there to get drunk and football chant along to the bands they know. A real shame, and they really need to sort out the line up, with Saturday’s line up a pale shadow of Sundays where I could have watched loads of bands. So this could be my last visit, obviously depending on who’s on next year. I would like to give a shout out to the folks I went with, Taz, Tom, Kate, Gina, Ricardo, Giles and Meetch, who made it a really good laugh. Thanks Guys.