So it’s finally arrived after all the internet hype, yes the Ronseal of movies, Snakes On A Plane hit our screens on Friday.With all the hype the only way this film could go was down, but no it’s actually pretty good. Obviously the title says it all, with mob trying to kill a key witness by releasing shed loads of poisonous snakes on to the plane. What the mob didn’t rely on was Sam Jackson’s FBI agent. Okay so it’s not gonna win any Oscars, but it really does what it says on the tin. You have loads of passengers getting bitten by the wide variety of slithering assassins. It is pretty cheesy, but if you go in just looking to take you brain away for a couple of hours its perfect. The snake attacks are pretty nasty with various extremities getting bitten, and it will make you jump on numerous occassions. There’s a bit of humour in it as well, and the cast make the best of the script, especially Samuel L Jackson, and Julianne (ER)Margulies as the flight attendant on her last flight, and an appearance from Anchorman’s David (Whammy) Koechner as the pilot Rick. As I said this is dumb fun with a very nasty streak, and even though it was never going to match the hype is still worth a watch. Rating: sssssssssssssssix/10