Early this year a rumour was flying around that Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson was planning on making a remake of the classic British War Film, The Dambusters. This all started because he was seen filming a Lancaster Bomber. At the time it was feverently denied, but now it has been officially announced, although the Hobbit fan is only on producing duties, with the directorial reins handed over to his King Kong animator, Christian Rivers.   

The Dambusters story revolved around the  British 617 bomber squadron who with the work of Barnes Wallis’s Bouncing Bomb attacked 4 dams in Germany. The story was first told in 1951, obviously the effects in the original were a bit dated, so a new version could be a more visual feast. Apparently there was also classified information missing from the original film, which has now been released so the story could be slightly different. With this and the Halo movie, Peter Jackson is obviously enjoying  wearing the Producers hat at the moment but hopefully he will be back behind the lense soon. My moneys on Sir Ian McKellen as Barnes Wallis!!