Well as I write this there are only a couple of hours till the winner is announced, but who will win this year? This is a strange prize to guess as in the past it has been won by some totally unexpected artists. The prize of £20,000 is for the best British album which last year was won by ‘American’ Anthony And The Johnsons. Past winners include, Primal Scream, Pulp, Suede and Gomez to name a few. So who’s nominated this year?

  • Arctic MonkeysWhatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
  • Isobel Campbell and Mark LaneganBallad of the Broken Seas
  • EditorsThe Back Room
  • GuillemotsThrough the Windowpane
  • Richard HawleyColes Corner
  • Hot ChipThe Warning
  • MuseBlack Holes and Revelations
  • Zoe RahmanMelting Pot
  • Lou RhodesBeloved One
  • Scritti PolittiWhite Bread Black Beer
  • SwayThis Is My Demo
  • Thom YorkeThe Eraser 
  • So Who’s my money on? Well everybody thinks The Artic Monkeys will win, but i think they are too popular and their singles have been overplayed. I also don’t think Thom Yorke will win, it’s a good album though not as good as the Radiohead stuff and they never won with OK Computer!! I don’t think Editors will win as the album is quite old now and even though i would like Muse album to win, as it is fantastic I don’t think it will. Richard Hawley is getting a good buzz so could have a chance, as are the Guillemots. No my tip for the prize is Hot Chip’s The Warning. The first Single Over And Over was just a perfect pop/dance tune that just lodged itself in your brain and wouldn’t come out, they then followed it up with the sublime, Boy from School, a beautiful ambient tune. After hearing these two tunes I had to get the album and i wasn’t dissappointed, a great eclectic mix of styles but still with a dancey edge, a bit reminsent of Royksopp. So there you go thats my tip for the Prize, I will be pleasantly surprised if I’m right! Roll on the show! I’ll give my reactions tomorrow.

    Tuesday.Oh well I got that wrong!   I am really surprised the Monkeys won, not because they don’t deserve it, but because they are so popular. In the past the judges very rarely go for the really popular choice. I personally think the Artic Monkeys album is very good, the lyrics are fantatstic and it’s very rare for lyrics to stand out these days. I think ‘I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor’ will become a classic. Congratulations boys.