With the fifth anniversary of the Spetember 11th attacks just passing comes the release of this thriller, set in the aftermath of a ‘Dirty Bomb’ attack on Los Angeles. That premise makes it sound like an episode of 24, but the film takes place in the claustrophobic confines of a house with all the information of the attacks coming from radio reports. The film sees musician Brad sat at home helpless worrying about the fate of his wife Lexi, who left for work before the bombs went off, is she dead or alive. Then as the contents of the bombs are revealed as chemical the radio advises people to seal themselves in their homes, this leaves Brad with the terrible dilemma does he seal out his wife. Realising he has no choice he seals up the house but then his wife returns and he has to decide whether to leave her quarantined outside or risk contaminating himself. This is where the drama and paranoia really begins, are the government helping or are they covering up something. With the film following just these two characters, the actors have a tough job to keep you interested, and Rory Cochrane and Mary McCormack give great performances that make you care about both of them and the situation they are in.  With the recent terrorist attacks this film takes on an almost realistic tone which makes it more chilling. If you are looking for a real thrilling drama which relies on situations more than action, then this is for you.  Rating 7/10