Back in 1993 a New Jersey filmmaker maxed out a load of credit cards so he could make his first flick, the filmmaker was Kevin Smith and the film was Clerks, the story of the bored staff of the Quick Stop convienence store. This film suddenly took off and became a huge cult hit, winning awards at film festivals. It launched Smiths career and now after six films he’s returned to see how life has changed for Dante and Randall.

  After a fire burns down the Quick Stop, Dante and Randall are now working at the Moobys fast food restaurant along with ‘Christian’ Elias and Manager Becky. It’s Dantes last day before he heads off with finance Emma to live in Florida and run his father-in-laws car wash, and Randall wants him to have a day to remember, this includes some inter species Erotica!  Obviously it wouldn’t be Clerks without the return of Jay and Silent Bob, now hanging outside the restaurant dealing again but with God watching their back.  Randall still has his distinct way with the customers especially when one agrees with Elias belief that there is only one true trilogy, ‘The Rings’, Randalls response, “Three films about people walking to a volcano”. As with the first film most of the laughs come from Randall, when he’s not talking about sexual practices it’s his ignornace of racial slurs. Look out, well you can’t miss, Jays tribute to Silence Of The Lambs, you will be crying with laughter. The cast are all great, you wouldn’t believe it’s been ten years, Rosario Dawson as Becky just lights up the screen and shows her comedic side, and Trevor Fehrman plays the Naive Elias brilliantly. There are a few cameos from the View Askew Universe as well.  If you loved Clerks or any of the other Kevin Smith films you will love this, I found myself laughing pretty hard throughout, and unbelievably for a Smith film there are even some touching moments.  My signed poster will be taking pride of place on my wall (available at ,and thankfully it’s only two months till the region 1 DVD release so I can watch it again! Rating 9/10