In 1994 the World Cup arrived on the shores of the United States, football fans around the world asked why a country with no interest in the sport was given the honour. Obviously some of it was financial, but there was also a desire by FIFA to try and break the Americans fascination with Baseball, Ice Hockey, Basketball and American Football. Football is the worlds game , why don’t the Americans like it as well. In fact during the late 70’s and early 80’s they actually did, this was due to the New York Cosmos, a team with some of the greatest players of all time, including Pele, Beckenbauer and Cruyff.  New documentary ‘Once In A Lifetime’ looks at this incredible team, it’s rise and fall.

   In the mid 70’s a media mogul called Steve Foss, who owned Warner Bros had a dream to bring Soccer to the American People so he used his business influences to create the North American Soccer League. At first there were only a couple of hundred people turning up to watch, but then he had the idea to bring in Pele and suddenly things took off. This is a fascinating documentary that charts the rise of this ‘Super’ team, through interviews with all those involved off the pitch and on it, apart from Pele (more on that in a bit). It uses the music of the time as a great soundtrack with use of 70’s visuals, and some great football action. Narrated by Matt Dillon, it keeps you interested throughout with some great stories from the people involved and shows how ego’s started to destroy what was at the time a phenomenon. I think we could already be looking at the winner of next years Oscar for Best Documentary. Even if you have no interest in football it is still worth a watch, because it is such a great story.   There are a few extras on the disc, a commentary, a couple of Deleted Scenes and a short film called ‘The Real Hunt For Pele. This follows producer Fisher Stevens(‘Indian’ Ben from Short Circuit) in his quest to interview Pele for the Documentary, which fails after his agent keeps putting the phone down on him, and demanding a fee almost as big as the films budget.

 Overall, I had heard this was a good film and the reviewers were right, if you love Football check it out, and even if you don’t give it a watch. It’s funny seeing how ahead of the times this team was. Rating 8/10