With the fifth anniversary of the events in New York having just passed, filmmakers now feel the time is right to look back at what happened that day in September. Already this year we have had Paul Greengrass’s excellent ‘United 93’ about the passengers who fought back to stop the terrorists hitting another target, but ultimately lost their lives. Now we have World Trade Center, from controversial director Oliver Stone, the man who brought the world the JFK conspiracy. When he announced he was doing a film about 9/11 there were fears of another conspiracy fest, stirring up an ants nest that people didn’t want. Well they needn’t have worried, what Stone has made is a film of the human spirit.  The film follows members of the New York Port Authority Police who get called into the mayhem to help evacuate the workers of the Tower that has just been hit.  After the first tower collapses on top of them the film follows the two surviors of the crew, John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno, played by Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena. As they lie below 30ft of concrete and twisted metal, they rely on each other to keep alive, talking about their families and  Starsky and Hutch!  As well as the trapped police officers we see there families dealing with the reality that their husbands may not becoming home, with Maria Bello and Maggie Gyllenhaal as the wives watching the horror unfold. With such a high tension situation there is the danger of the filmmakers going over sentimental, but Oliver Stone has used a real deft touch to keep it at the right level, and has made a very respectful film. Nicolas Cage gives a very subtle performance as does Michael Pena and as the wives Bello and Gyllenhaal provide the emotional clout. By not actually showing the attack, apart from the shadow of the plane on a building, and in news reports, Stone manages to make it more realistic. He takes you into what is a situation that no one can believe is happening around them, and as the first tower comes down on them, the noise makes you realise how terrifying it must have been, realising that this could be it. I think Oliver Stone has produced a film that shows a great respect to the people involved as well as giving the world a glimpse of what happened that day. I’m sure there will be other films about these events lets hope they are as well done. I did hear that Oliver Stone is actually looking at doing another film about 9/11 and the casues, so it looks like the conspiracist is still in there. Rating 7/10