Every now and then I like to make compilation CD’s for a couple of friends to keep them up to date with some of the new music. Recently a friend of mine who reads this blog (alright Boz!) suggested I should do something similar on here, so I am doing a Track A Day. I shall hopefully be putting a track on here that I love and recommend, that If you want to check out you can. They will sometimes be singles sometimes album tracks, not always new tracks, but a few older ones as well. Let me know what you think of the tracks if you already know them or have heard them for the first time.

The Flaming Lips: The GASH (Lp. The Soft Bulletin)

  The Soft Bulletin was the album that sort of broke the Flaming Lips in the UK, with the singles Race For The Prize and Waitin For A Superman grazing the charts. It was while making up a tape for a friend that I went through the album looking for a track, and this one just stood out a mile. It’s a hard track to describe, it’s a big epic sounding track but with a weird sound, one critic i think described it like a bizarre muppets track, and from the opening you can see where he is coming from. The great thing about the Flaming Lips is that they don’t sound like anyone else, and some may find Wayne Coynes voice a turn off, but it’s more about the soundscapes they create. I suppose you could say it’s a little bit like Bohemain Rhapsody, which the Lips recently covered brilliantly. Sorry I know thats a bit vague, but it really is a great track but just very different.