Elliott Smith: Son Of Sam (lp. Figure Eight)

A song about a serial killer doesn’t sound like an obvious choice for a great track, but Elliott Smith pulled it off with this one. The song is about Sam Horovitz, known as The Son Of Sam, who went around New York in the summer of 1977 killing couples in their cars. You would think a song about a serial killer would be a dark gothic rock song, the kind Marilyn Manson does, but no this is an upbeat acoustic song, which owes it’s sound to the Beatles. I first saw it on the old MTV show Brand New, where the stylistic video caught my attention and soon the song had buried itself in my head forever.  Sadly Elliott Smith died a couple of years ago in suspicious circumstances and has been missed, Ben Folds even wrote a song in tribute to him on his last album.  Son Of Sam is a song that deserves to be heard more.