Goldie Lookin’ Chain – Shit To Me (lp. The Manifesto) 

Since I heard the track, ‘The Maggot’ on one of those free cd’s you get with music magazines, I have been a massive fan. They are a real breath of fresh air amongst all the Indie bands and dance tat.  I have been to see them Live as well and i’ve never seen an audience paying so much attention to the lyrics, and laughing as much. They are a real riot live and are definitely worth seeing. My choice of track today is a live favourite and one you might not have heard, and definitely won’t be getting played on the radio. The track is ‘Shit To Me’, the GLC’s tirade at everyone you can think of from Madonna to Usher. They let rip with some very colourful language, but they do it so well, I have admit I agree with the criticism they level at most of the acts. Britney certainly takes a bit, especially about her physical attributes!  If you love the Goldie Lookin’ Chain then you must hear this track, the only problem is that the track was only on one of their early internet albums, which haven’t been released in the shops, but check out the net or look on ebay where I got my copies from.