Our Mutual Friend – The Divine Comedy (lp.Absent Friends)

For me Neil Hannon is an unrecognised musical genius, I’ve been a fan since I first heard ‘Something For The Weekend’ and have got all the albums and most of the singles.  What I love about the band is the clever and witty lyrics but also the beautiful music they produce, these tunes are almost like film scores, in fact the theme to Father Ted came from their song ‘Songs Of Love’ and they also had the theme to Tomorrows World as well. The track I have chosen today is from the Second most recent album ‘Absent Friends’ a return to form for the band. The track tells a story of meeting someone and thinking she was the one before the betrayal of a friend! The lyrics are great and paint a picture but what I really love is the score especially the middle eight and last half of the song which is fantatstic, it really picks you up. I can see the Divine Comedy one day doing film scores if they keep going.