Everytime Martin Scorsese releases a film recently everyone says that this would be the year that he finally wins the elusive Best Director Oscar, last time it was for The Aviator, whcih I think he deserved it for, and now we have The Departed. This gritty drama, a loose remake of the Hong Kong classic Infernal Affairs, stars his Aviator star, Leonardo Di Caprio as a cop sent undercover into the Boston mob, run by Frank Costello aka Jack Nicholson, what he doesn’t know is that Jack has sent a undercover mobster into the police force, in the form of Matt Damon. So the game of cat and mouse begins as each try to find out the mole in each organisation. Obviously Jack Nicholson steals the film as the Mob king, but when doesn’t he! In the roles of the two moles, Damon and Di Caprio haven’t been better, Leo is excellent as the conflicted cop who doesn’t know if he has been discovered and will be killed, whilst Damon is great in what must be his first bad guy role, hiding his dark side from the cops around him, whilst stabbing them in the back.  Like all Scorsese films he has a great ensemble cast, Martin Sheen as the police chief is up to his usual high standard and our very own Ray Winstone plays Jacks right hand man with his usual menace. The stand out ,and i’m predicting a best supporting nomination next year, is Mark Wahlberg as the people skilled lacking assisant to Martin Sheen, who just abuses everyone and usually ends up hitting them!

  Overall it is another great film to add to the resume for Martin Scorsese, it’s hard hitting and keeps you gripped for all it’s 2.30 running time. At no point does it drag at all and with a fantastic cast all at their best, you get pulled in waiting to see how the tangled web will resolve it self.  Could this finally win him the Oscar, well I can’t see why not, depends on the other films but they will have to be exceptional to beat this. Go see it! Rating 8/10