Wow I can’t believe that I have now had over a thousand hits on this blog, I know some sites get that in a few hours, but for me this big. When I started doing this blog back in May it took me ages just to get a hundred hits!  So i just wanted to say a big thank you to those of you who read my blog, for all I know it could just be two people looking at it a lot, but however many it is thanks. I shall keep finding stuff to put on here!  If you didn’t know under each post where it say comments if you click on it you can leave your thoughts which I would really like to hear, good or bad, just don’t be too cruel!  Just an extra note, I have got a Myspace profile as well if you wanted to know a little bit more about the Stuntgoat, its at Again thanks. No that isn’t a real oscar, if only!