I know these came out last year but i just picked them up last week for only £5.99 each at and was very impressed!  The original DVD’s were pretty poor, no extras and only the last two with decent sound. These discs all feature remastered picture and sound with the welcome additions of a DTS soundtrack on all four discs. The sound on the original Batman isn’t bad but the Returns, Forever and Robin films all have an impressive soundscape.  Of course they wouldn’t be special editions if they didn’t have some extras and these 2 disc sets do not dissapoint at all. All except Returns have director commentaries, shame that Tim Burton didn’t do the second one as I would have liked to hear his thoughts on the Darker one.  On the second disc of each set are loads of documentaries, each of the films have making ofs from when the film was released. The best though is a series of 1/2 hour features called Shadows Of The Bat, that look back at the making of the films, Batman has three which really go into depth about everything you would want to know, and then each of the other films have one. It’s interesting hearing Joel Schumacher talk about some of the actors he saw for the role of Robin including Ewan Mcgregor and Jude Law! He also tries to justify the mess that was Batman and Robin, blaming a rushed production and toy company pressure. It’s funny hearing Chris O’Donnell saying that filming the fourth film felt like they were making a toy commercial and not a movie. As well as these there are heroes and villians features for each film and a section called Beyond Batman which really go into detail about the technical side of the films and finally music videos.  Overall these are very impressive DVD’s for Batfans and if you haven’t already got the films on DVD these are the ones to get, especially at these prices. Yes I did get Batman & Robin and it’s still pretty bad!