If you thought South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut was an offensive film, then keep away from this one!!  There’s Racsim, Sexism, Anti Seminism and gross nudity, and you know what it’s one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen. By the time the credits rolled I had face ache!  Sacha Baron Cohen’s second comedic performance of the year (after Talladega Nights) sees him bring his Kazakh reporter Borat onto the big screen, following in the footsteps of Ali G. I always thought Borat was a funier character but never imagined it would work as a film, but i was wrong. The film sees Borat sent off to America by the Kaszakhstan Government to make a documentary for them to learn from.  Borat works in that the people he is interviewing don’t realise he isn’t who they think he is, and this produces some real comedy gems.  It’s amazing how rude some people are to him when he’s just being polite and saying hello. His appearance at a rodeo is a classic and so shocked original director Todd Phillips (Road Trip) that he walked, leaving Larry Charles in charge, a good choice as he is the director of Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

Borat is supposed to be doing all his interviews in New York in the film, but after seeing an episode of Baywatch he falls in love with Pamela Anderson and so sets off for California to take her Vagine!!!   This produces brilliant comedy moment after comedy moment, I don’t want to reveal too much as this movie works better if you haven’t seen any clips. It loses it’s way a little bit toward the end, but if you see a funnier movie this year I will be amazed. Go and see it now!  Rating 9/10