I first saw The Flaming Lips live at the V2000 festival, I was a fan but hadn’t seen them live, so I got to the arena early and got to the front. I didn’t know what to expect, and I got one hell of a surprise. We had balloons, hand puppets and even fake blood, like no other band I have seen in my life. It was one of the most memorable perfomances i’ve ever seen. So when they toured the UK a few years later I went to see them at the Birmingham Alexandre Theatre, this time we had more balloons and the band dressed in Pink Rabbit costumes like the ones in the Do You Realise video, another great night was had.  So I walked into the NIA last night wandering what we would see this time!  

Support was provided by a band called Deer Hoof, a three piece, with a Yoko lookalike on Bass and animal on the drums. They were certainly different, I think they will played by many kids looking to annoy their parents, don’t get me wrong, at first I didn’t like them, but soon warmed to them.  So to the main event, unlike most bands Wayne Coyne, doesn’t hide until it’s time to come on, he was wandering around the side of the stage during the support and even helped set up with the roadies.  So how do the Flaming Lips make an entrance, well impressively. On one side of the stage were a group of Santas, and on the other were some Aliens in metallic purple dresses with torches. The Lips bass Player was in a Skeleton costume and the guitarist in a silver boiler suit, and where was Wayne well he was in a big inflatable ball walking over the crowd!!!  He got back to stage and the band kicked off with the brilliant Race For The Prize, while the crowd were showered with confetti and big orange balloons and streamers.  They made their way through classic hits and tracks from recent album, At War With The Mystics, with their infectious enthusiasm. When you watch the Lips you can see that they are enjoying themselves as much as the crowd, Wayne Coyne is a very humble frontman, who is always thanking the crowd for their support, and gets a lot of respect from me for it.  After an hour and a half  they finished a great set and came back on for two encores with the penultimate track being their fantastic cover of Queens’ Bohemian Rhapsody. My only regret is I didn’t take my camera and get some shots to show you how much of show they put on. If you like The Flaming Lips go and see them when you can, if you don’t like them still go and see them, you will love it!