Batman Begins director Chrstopher Nolan returns to the big screen along with fellow Gothamites Christian Bale and Michael Caine in this tale of late nineteenth century magicians. If you are expecting a big dark blockbuster then you will be disappointed, this is a small film that looks big.  The story revolves around the rivalry between two magicians Rupert Angier (Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (Christian Bale), who are trying to outdo each other on the stage and discover the secrets of their tricks. When a trick goes horribly wrong, what started as friendly competiton becomes something more sinister. As the two magicians Jackman and Bale give powerful perfomances, especiallly Jackman who hasn’t been this dark before, even as Wolverine. As the trick technician Cutter, Michael Caine gives another great performance, alongside him we have Scarlett Johansen as Olivia, the assitant who falls for both magicians, whose English accent is pretty good. The surprising bit of casting is David Bowie as scientist Tesla who helps Jackman create his masterpiece, once you get over the fact it’s Bowie, his performance isn’t bad. 

 Like his breakthrough film, Memento, this film requires your attention all the way through, like that film the story structure is as fractured and messed up with it flashing backwards and forward. This helps the film as it keeps you watching the details more than you normally would.  I could go into the story of the film a lot more but it would ruin it for you. I compare this film to The Sixth Sense in that it pulls you all over the place, the film is itself a big magic trick that uses slight of hand and distraction to confuse you.  It is a film that I look forward to watching over and over and maybe then I can discover some of it’s secrets.  If you want a thoughtful and intelligent couple of hours then go and see The Prestige. Rating 8/10