So after Batman Began and Superman Returned, we have Bond reduxed. After 20 films the producers decided it was time for a change and so we find ourselves with Casino Royale, with a new Bond, Daniel Craig, and a new style.  A few years ago Quentin Tarantino spoke of how he wanted to remake Casino Royale with Pierce Brosnan, as a more realistic and gritty Bond like in the books. Wonder the Broccoli’s got the idea from!   So what of the new Bond, well those people who slagged him off for having blond hair are now probably hiding in a corner ashamed of themselves!  Daniel Craig has caught what Bond should be, a tough as nails professional killer. This we see in the cool Black and White opening sequence where Bond gets his first two kills needed to get his OO status. Afetr the funky credits sequence with Chris Cornells rocking theme, the movie sets off on a rollercoaster ride of action from free running to Aston trashing.   Craig also shows an emotional side of bond we haven’t really seen that often as his feeling grow for Eva Green’s, Vesper Lynd, the treasury agent sent to keep an eye on the government’s money. She is great, giving her character the right balance of sexiness and brains, you can see why Bond would fall for her.  Judi Dench returns as M but this time unlike the Brosnan era there’s less flirting and more professional respect, though at first she finds him very annoying. Obviously it wouldn’t be a Bond film without a villian and keeping the realistic tone, he hasn’t got a plot to take over the world, just win his terrorist clients money back, in the poker game he has set up at the Casino Royale. The game is probably one of the main set peices of the game as Bond and Le Chiffre try to outwit each other.  There are obviosuly some big action sequences but this time they are more realistic and not OTT like the Ice Palace from Die Another Day. Overall this is the Bond film we hoped for, no more Invisble Cars but more hand to hand combat and real spy action. Daniel Craig is superb and it looks like a bright future for the Bond franchise as long as they can keep this tone going through the future films, by the way the next one is scheduled for release in November 2008, can’t wait. Rating 8/10