Sorry I’ve been a bit lazy of late with this blog, because of two reasons. 1. I have been having a few problems with this software, deleting my posts instead of saving them, which as you can imagine is a bit annoying. 2. Three small words: Gears Of War. For those of you who don’t know this is the new Xbox 360 game which is just phenomenal. This is easily the best looking game I have ever seen and I haven’t even got a HD tv! It also plays amazingly useing a hiding manouevre to get you through the levels of baddies of various sizes. You may have seen the advert on the  TV lately, well thats really what the game looks like. Obviously like other Xbox 360 game syou can play it online and this is also great fun in the warzone mode. For those who have xbox live my Gamertag is Stuntgoat, send me an invite! If you have an xbox you must have this game, if you don’t have one, buy one to play this game!