I remember the first time I saw Jackass on MTV, it was a stunt with a guy in a wet suit with rollerskates attached to his knees and a wheel on a stick held in his hands rolling down a street on all fours, i don’t know why but I was in hysterics and couldn’t stop watching. When the film came out I loved it, you know a films funny when you are wiping tears out of your eyes and your face is aching!  So after a few years would this sequel be as good, well yes and no.  All the team are back, with Johnny Knoxville taking his place as leader ,even though he has become a bit of a star since the last film, as well as a few new faces from the Wildboyz series as well. As before the movie is just a load of set pieces sewn together into a movie, and there are some very funny scenes and also extremely gross ones as well.  Again Steve O is hurting himself, such as putting a fish hook through his face and acting as bait for sharks.  Blood is spilled on a few occasions such as anaconda ball pit, and we find out how much Ban Margera hates snakes when his locked up with a King Cobra. As usual his parents are on the recieving end of a few pranks, though Phil seems to be more of an instigator this time.  For me the funniest scene was the Terrorist taxi ride, really funny and wrong!  That pretty much describes the film funny and very wrong. It’s not as funny as the original, I think due the time it’s been away we are not as shocked as we used to be (Dirty Sanchez have gone lower!), but it will still have you laughing and I look forward to watching the Uncut DVD in December. Rating 6.5/10