So ‘The Greatest Movie of All Time’ about ‘The Greatest Band Of All Time’ has arrived or so the adverts say. Who are these totally awesome rockers, well Tenacious D of course, where have you been!! The rocking duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass, have been rocking the world for the last few years and now we get the movie. Most people will know of The D, from the video for Tribute, which was on MTV all the time, which spawned their debut album, which was that rare thing a comedy rock album that was funny and still is years later. Obviously Jack Black has risen up through Hollywood since then , peaking with School Of Rock and King Kong.  The film sees the formation of The D, and their attempts to become the best band in the world, but they discover the secret of rock greatness lies in the Pick Of Destiny, so off they go in search of the Demonic Pick.  Along the way they bump into a few familiar faces, notably Ben Stiller and Tim Robbins, with Foo Fighters rock God, Dave Grohl reprising his role from the Tribute video, as Satan.  If you are a fan of Tenacious D, you will love this film, taking the humour we’ve seen in their videos and expanding it to the big screen, including a great little pisstake of the THX sound test! If you aren’t a fan then you either will be or you just think it’s a load of childish twadle, depends on your taste. (As you can see I now have the Pick!!) Rating: A rockin’ 7/10