So we have arrived at that time of year when thoughts go to pressies and trees, and it’s also that time when cinemas roll out the festive movies. As a movie nut I thought I would bring you my top ten christmas films.

1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Chevy Chase wants his family to have the greatest christmas ever, from the millions of lights decorating the house, to getting the perfect tree. It mixes great laughs and real festive spirit, perfect holiday movie.

2. Scrooged.  Billy Murray bringd the classic christmas story up to date, well the 80’s! Taking it from the old scrooge to a Tv executive more concerned with ratings. Okay the effects look a bit ropey now, but you can’t beat the comedy, especially Rick Moranis as the disgrunteld employee. Very funny even after repeat viewings.

3. Gremlins. Now I know you’re saying thats not a christmas film, but it is think when it is set. It is sort of the anti It’s A Wonderful Life, the town it’s set in is even based on that films! You can’t beat seeing the little critters running around in santa hats and of course Phoebe Cates story about her dads santa demise!  Watch it and you will feel christmasy, believe me.

4. Bad Santa. Another anti christmas film, but with a heart hidden below the swearing and incontinence! I was lucky to getb the uncut version about 6 months before it’s Uk cinema release and watched it a few times. If you don’t know about it, it’s about a couple of thieves who work as mall santas then rob it on christmas eve! Except this time a weird kid and a santa fetishist changes everything. Billy Bob Thornton is great in one of his best roles.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Tim Burton brings his dark vision of Christmas with this stop motion animation classic. It’s a film that has become a cult classic over the years with some of the early merchandise fetching stupid money. Jack Skelington from Halloween town discovers the entrance to Christmas town and jealous of Santa decides he can do his job. Featuring amazing visuals and great songs, a top xmas film.

6.Die Hard. Another film where you’re going it’s not a christmas film, but whats happening at Nakatomi plaza when john gets there, the christmas party. Also he sticks the gun on his back with christmas tape. The ultimate action film, and a good change from watching the Great Escape!

7. Miracle On 34th Street. Well I thought it was time a I had a proper nice christmas film and this is one I like. I am talking about the remake (sacrilage I know), whcih was on when i worked at the cinema and so saw it quite a few times but always enjoyed it. it’s what a christmas film should be, fun for all the family, and Richard Attenborough is great.

8. Muppet Christmas Carol. Another version of A Christmas Carol, this time with the Muppets, and a surprising Michael Caine. As someone who grew up watching the muppets, i loved the weird humour in this movie, and like Nightmare, lots of songs as well!

9. Lethal Weapon. Another great action film that set up a genre, buddy movie, and is set at christmas, remember Riggs fight in the christmas trees! Classic movie.

10. Elf. I am a big fan of Will Ferrell after Anchorman and loved his performance in this one as the human brought up as an Elf in the North Pole, who goes off to find his real parents. The typical fish out of water with a lovely festive feel.

So there you go a selection of films to watch  this festive season, and if you suggest to your other half watching Die hard, tell her it is a Christmas film!!