When you see the words, A Jerry Bruckheimer Film’ on a movie poster you pretty much know what to expect, a big dumb action film, but add the words, A Tony Scott film and you know it will be pretty good. The team that brought 80’s classic ‘Top Gun’ as well as Crimson Tide and Man On Fire have now put out this, De Ja Vu. I shall try to resist saying ‘Have I seen this?’   Denzel Washington returns for Tony Scott in this sci-fi action drama, as Doug Carlin an ATF (alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, a great party as one character says) officer called in to investigate the blowing up of a New Orleans ferry with the loss of over 500 lives. What starts as a standard investigation to try to find the man responsible takes a twist when Doug meets Val Kilmer’s agency man with a new machine that could help. The twist being that it’s actually a sort of time machine which allows you to look back four and a half days. When the body of a woman is pulled from the river who was killed the same day but not on the boat Carlin starts to think she is connected so starts watching her through the machine, but can he stop her death and the bombing that has already happened.  I didn’t have expectations going into this, it sounded a bit hokey, but I was very surprised. It’s actually a very clever film, that will improve with repeat viewings as there are little things you will want to go back and look for. It has the right amount of action and intrigue and doesn’t overplay the time machine element too much. Denzil Washington helps bring the film some gravitas, and is excellent in his role, giving it more than you would expect.  If you are looking for an exciting action film with some brains then check it out, you will be surprised. Rating 7/10