Like most people when I heard they were going to make another Rocky film I thought what a stupid idea. Turns out it wasn’t that bad an idea.  After the bravado of the first four films , Rocky V was a bit of a damp squid and not really a fitting end to a movie icon, which could be why Sly has brought him back for one more fight.

It’s been a while since the last film and a lot has happened to Rocky in the passing years. Adrian has died of cancer, his son has not followed in his foot steps and feels like he is forever in his dads shadow, and Rocky now spends his days reciting fight stories to the patrons of his restaurant.  After a sports show runs a computer simulation pittting Rocky against the present champ Mason Dixon with surprising results, Rocky starts to feel the beast inside, and considers making a comeback in small local fights. Dixon who isn’t the most popular champion feels his pride being bruised and his management look at putting the two together in an ‘exhibition’ fight. I won’t go any further, but it’s a bruising fight.   

Despite his age, Sly looks in good form, maybe not as big as the past, but you wouldn’t spill his pint. What seems like a ridiculous idea starts to look not so stupid as Rocky starts training and gets in the ring.  As director, writer and star, Sly has brought Rocky back with some real dignity, giving the character the send off he deserves. Okay there are some cheesy speeches, but when the music kicks in you will get a chill down your side.

The first half of the film is very similar to the original film with lots of character development, seeing how Rocky’s life has changed, and makes you care about a man we had forgot about. Once the training kicks off though it’s like the films we remember, though the fight is shot with a very modern style and some nice visual touches.  I actually watched the first one again the other day and it adds to the feel of this film, so if you get the chance watch it before you visit the cinema. I think if you are of the older age group who remember seeing one of the original films on the cinema, then you will enjoy this, the younger generation may feel it’s a bit cheesy, but hey thats their loss. I just hope that they leave it at this film. Rating 7/10.