Ever since he was a kid, Nicholas Angel had wanted to be a cop, so much so that he went through top of the class at the police college, and became the Met’s top officer. The problem is he was making everybody else look bad, so they have shipped him off to the sleepy little village of Sandford.

  So after the huge transatlantic success of Shaun Of The Dead, what were Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg gonna do next. Shaun was a homage to all the classic zombie movies of the 70’s and 80’s, now with Hot Fuzz they have made one to the classic action movie, with nods to films ranging from Leon, Point Break, to Lethal Weapon. To get that action movie feel, they have all the classic acoustic guitar music in the background and Angel makes all the big speeches you would expect from Willis and Gibson. As for the action it’s pretty impressive but done with a very firm tongue in cheek, just holding off from being cheesily OTT.   

   Obviously the main thrust of the film is the comedy, and while not as laugh out loud funny as Shaun it is still very funny with some great lines, as well sneakily little jokes in the background. This is helped by a great comedic cast, Nick Frost plays the bumbling best friend to perfection, and as the lead Simon Pegg gives a great straight performance. The supporting cast is a top list of great British comedy actors, with the likes of Steve Coogan and Martin Freeman in small cameos, and Paddy Considine excellent as one of the Detectives who would rather go to the pub than solve crimes. We have an ex bond in Timothy Dalton, the Equaliser, himself Edward Woodward and even the face melting Nazi from Raiders! In transporting the action film to a quaint English village they have found comedy gold, which will definitely work in the UK but will also work in the US as this is the image most Americans have of England, all tea and cakes. As I earlier said I personally didn’t think it was as good as Shaun Of The Dead, but if you are after a good night of action and comedy you couldn’t go wrong with Hot Fuzz. Rating 7/10