(If you haven’t seen the Departed, but are planning on watching it soon, don’t read on, spoilers ahead!!!)  

Following on from it’s success at the Oscars, at the weekend, it has been announced that we haven’t seen the last of the film. Like the film it was originally based on, Infernal Affairs, there are now plans for a sequel as well as a prequel. The films are again being written by Oscar winner William Monahan, and the sequel will focus on Mark Wahlberg’s character Dingham, as he is put in charge of finding out who was responsible for the deaths of the others. With the big names missing, aparrently Robert De Niro maybe playing a Congressman involved in the crime family, with the trail reaching high up into the government. Obviously the prequel has the advantage of bringing all the cast from the first part back. At the moment there is no news on whether Martin ‘Oscar Winner’ Scorsese will be back at the helm, though it’s beleived he will be at least producing. Could this be more future Oscar winners, wait and see!