When the Xbox 360 was launched by Microsoft it was hailed (by them) as the ultimate home entertainment hub, but so far it has really just been about the games. Recently Microsoft took a step in the right direction with the release of the HD DVD drive which uses the consoles power to run the movies. Having seen one in action, for only £129 it’s pretty much a bargain. The next step in making the 360 more than just a games console is the TV system being launched in the US. They are bringing Xbox Live users a sort of Sky+ system where the users will be able to download Hi Def programs onto the hard drive of their Xbox 360. As a taster for those of us in the UK, they have given us a taster with a free downloadable episode of South Park, in Hi Definition. Now South Park isn’t the sort of thing you wouldn’t think would look that good in Hi Def, but strangely it looks amazing, really colourful and crisp. It helps that the episode is a classic with Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny buying Ninja Weapons at a fair and becoming Manga type warriors until Butters is on the painful receiving end of one!  If you have a 360 online it is definitely worth a download. Just for the record my Gamertag is, surprisingly STUNTGOAT if you fancy a game online!