Last year we were treated to the first graphic novel brought to life actually looking like a comic, in the form of Sin City. Based on Frank Miller’s iconic book, it took the violence and style and brought it bloodily to life, no holds barred. Now we have another of Mr Millers graphic novels with 300. It tells the story of how the Spartan army held off 100’s of thousands of Persian soldiers at Thermopylae in 480BC to protect Sparta. 

   Like Sin City, 300 uses the same computer technology, to create a unique visual style that is awesome. Almost every shot in the film looks like a painting, especially the scene of the Persian ships crashing against the rocks in the storm. This is a film that will look amazing on DVD, and probably phenomenal on High Definition. One niggle I had with the film was the constant use of Slo Mo, it was like a John Woo film on steriods, but sometimes it works really well, creating some great shots.  For a 15 certificate it is shockingly violent, there are numerous be-headings and limb removals, with a fair dose of blood being spilled, if it was an 18, I wouldn’t have been surprised.  The battle scenes are very impressive and showed how skilled the spartan warriors were, even when they are up against rhinos and elephants. The film has been described as Gladiator meets Sin City and thats pretty fair, I don’t know why but all these era films seem to have fields of barleys!  As the King Leonidas, brit actor Gerald Butler spends most of the time shouting, thats when he’s not kicking Persian ass, but plays the role with the right level of gravitas that you would expect of a Spartan leader. The only other recogniseable face is Lena Headey as Leonidas’s wife left behind fighting a political battle to send more back up for the Spartans.

  The best way to describe the film would be style over substance, it just looks fantastic, but the overall story isn’t up to the same level. To be fair your not going to see it for a big epic like Gladiator, but the action of the battle and in that way it doesn’t disappoint at all, to see thousands  of soldiers storming through the dust is amazing. If you have a strong stomach, and want to be visually blown away then definitely go and see it. Rating 7/10