Well here’s a rare thing. a British blockbuster film,  from the producer/director team that brought us Trainspotting and 28 Days Later, Andrew Macdonald and Danny Boyle, comes Sunshine. It is fifty years in the future and the Sun is dying, the source of all life on earth is exstinguishing leaving the earth a frozen planet. Seven crew are flying the Icarus II towards the sun with a payload the size of Manhattan in the hopes of re-igniting it, but as always something goes wrong! In an ensemble cast there are a few familiar faces, Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins), Chris Evans (Fantastic Four) and Michelle Yeoh (Tomorrow Never Dies).  

  Anyone who saw 28 Days Later will remember it was a pretty creepy and shocking film, well it pales next to this film. Okay it’s not as gory but it is definitely a lot creepier, this is the kind of film that sends shivers down your spine. Following on in the tradition of films like Alien and Event Horizon, it gradually makes you feel more uneasy.  The use of a few subliminal images really started to freak me out, and started to make me feel more uncomfortable. With a mad editing style and weird camera shots it all helps to create a claustrophobic atmosphere, like you are on the ship with the stricken crew.  

  As a British film , you wouldn’t expect the effects to be that good, but considering it’s taken nearly two years to finish, the work put in is all there up on the screen. Images of the sun reflecting off the ships shield are amazing and shows the power of the sun in all it’s majesty, almost making it a character all of it’s own. It is a film that could just be about the visuals, but the story is very well written and leaves you guessing where the story is heading with a few neat twists to leave you on the edge.  It is a very intelligent movie, not what you would expect from a film like this. If you like the Sci-fi genre then you will want to see it, and if you like films that make you jump and cringe then you will love it as well. Rating 7/10