With Spider-Mam three just a week away and the Dark Knight returning next year, one comic book character has been so far pretty much ignored, this man is Iron Man. This isn’t a hero I’m that knowledgeable about, he is Tony Stark a billionaire who creates an Iron Suit which not only helps him fight crime but also keeps him alive.  The film, due for release next year sees Stark played by Robert Downey Jr. a really interesting and great choice, an actor who gets too much attention on his personal life and not his acting. Anyone whose seen Chaplin or even last years hit Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, knows he can handle most roles.  The choice of dierctor is also very interesting, no Raimi, Singer or Caneron, no it’s Jon Faverau, director of kids film Zathura, but also better known as an actor for roles in Swingers, Daredevil and Elf, as well as Monica’s rich ultimate fighting boyfriend in Friends!  So far pictures from the film have been pretty scarce, but today was the first official image from the film, as you can see above.  With such a different choice of director and actor, this could one of the most interesting superhero movies since Ang Lee took the reins on The Hulk. We shall see when the film is released next year.