Despite the last films luke warm reviews, work is underway on two more films in the X-Men universe. This time though they will be spin-offs of tow of the more famous characters, as already reported Marvel are working on a Wolverine movie, but today reports came out that David Goyer (Blade Trinity) is to direct the Magneto movie. Expanding on the brief origin story that we saw at the start of X-Men 1 with him and his family imprisoned in Aushwitz. This new film follows his family survival in the camp and their subsequent liberation, where he first meets Xavier as one of the allied soldiers. He then goes on a mission of revenge against his former Nazi capters , which causes his fall out with Professor X. So far it sounds pretty interesting, though it’s unlikely Ian McKellan will be reprising his role, with the characters being played by younger actors, bet he pops up somewhere.  David Goyer got a lot of flack for Blade Trinity which I didn’t think was that bad, so lets see what he does with this one. Personally I am looking forward to the Wolverine movie more, as Hugh Jackman created one of the great screen heroes.