In a move that was rumoured a few weeks ago, us movie fans in the UK are being screwed over by the Weinsteins with the Grindhouse feature. If you don’t know, Grindhouse is the latest offering from directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodiguez, and is two films for the price of one, a practice that happened in the US a few decades ago, where they would put on a double bill of what would be the more unusual films, usually horrors. To recreate the experience the directors both made their own B-movie and then got other directors to make fake trailers for other films that would then play between the two films. Tarantinos’ film is Death Proof about a stuntman going round in his car killing women, Rodriguez’s film is Planet Terror about a zombie invasion and a girl with a gun for a leg! Obviously it had a long runtime and unfortunately the American audiences didn’t like it and the Grindhouse flopped.  So now the Weinsteins in their infinte wisdom! have decided to split up the two films for their UK release, Tarantino’s ‘Death Proof’ getting a release on September 21st, and so far there isn’t even a release date for Planet Terror!  The duo feature was set for a June release originally! In the pursuit to line their already full pockets, they have ruined what would be something we don’t really get these days, a real movie event! The whole point of the Grindhouse was to get that experience that they had in the US cinemas, just cause the US audience didn’t like it doesn’t mean we won’t. Also the films are meant to be a bit cheesy and put together you get the vibe continuing through both films, but by seperating them they suddenly become individual movies and will become ridiculed by people who didn’t know about the original concept.  Well there’s not much we can do about it, but I bet the DVD’s will be out in the US before we even see one of the films on a screen over here, I know where I’ll be watching them. As Al Murray would say, Weinsteins, Shame On You, Shame On You!!