As reported a while back a deal was struck to big Herge’s famous character Tintin to the big screen, well today comes the big news. It has been announced that a deal has been struck between Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Spielbergs’ Dreamworks Animation will produce the films with Jacksons’ CG house WETA doing the hard work. The film will all be 3D anination using the motin capture techniques used in films like The Polar Express and Monster House, which give it a more real look yet still keep the animated feel.  The plan is for three films to be made with Spielberg and Jackson directing one each and then they will decide on who will do the third one. Which books they will be based on is not yet known, or who will provide the voices. Work is expected to begin once Spielberg finishes Iindiana Jones 4 and Jackson finishes The Lovely Bones.