With just over a year until release, one of the big mysteries of ‘The Dark Knight’, as the next Batman film is known, has been revealed, what will the Joker look like? Taking over the role famously portrayed by Jack Nicholson in Tim Burton’s original, he is now played by Heath Ledger. With the original cast and director returning a lot of people wondered what Christopher Nolan would do with the Joker chararcter teasingly mentioned at the end of Batman Begins, well today the first official image was released and it’s pretty horrific, I think we are going to see a really dark villian, unlike Nicholson’s almost comical portrayal. This would seem to follow the tone of the first Nolan film which was a lot darker than the 80’s/90’s incarnations.

  In other Dark Knight news I was personally glad to hear that Anthony Michael Hall is also joining the cast. Most people will know Hall from his roles in some of John Hughes’s 80’s classics Weird Science and The Breakfast Club, but for me I know him better from the highly underrated series ‘The Dead Zone’, where he plays Johnny Smith a psychic trying to prevent Armaggedon. Good to see him getting into the movie limelight again.