Following on from Spider-Man 3, here is the latest of the threequels and one of many sequels we shall see this summer. Like Spider-man I was quiet looking forward to seeing this episode of the saga and like Spider-man I was disappointed, though thats being mild, I thought this new Pirates film was awful!  It’s not very often that I have ever felt like walking out of a film, but I was giving serious thought to doing it in this one.  So whats wrong with it well I’ll get to that, first whats this one all about.

   Following on from the end of Dead Man’s Chest, Jack is off in Davy Jones Locker, the East India Company have clamped down on Pirates and Barbossa is back from the dead. From there we got to Singapore where Chow Yun Fat makes one of his fleeting appearances as Pirate lord Sao Feng, whose maps are needed to get Jack back and obviously it all goes mad. From here on in the plot is a total mess with everyone backstabbing each other, and something to do with Pirate council and 9 pieces of Eight!

As you can tell I was finding it hard to follow, and the end result is you just don’t really care. The few action scenes are quite impressive but you need more than that. Johnny Depp phones in his performance which isn’t as funny for the third time, in fact the best laughs come from a Monkey and Parrot!  Kiera Knightley is nice to look at but thats about all, Orlando Bloom is pretty bland, the only saving grace is Geoffery Rush back as Barbossa. The main problem with this film is it’s length, at over two and a half hours it is far too long, they could have probably cut half an hour out easily. To make matters worse the cinema I saw it at thought it would be good to have an intermission, which just drew it out even more, by the time the credits ran I had been sat there for a bum numbing three hours. I have nothing against long film, last weeks Zodiac was nearly as long, but was interesting. This was just so boring, the only thing I looked forward to was seeing Keith Richards as Jacks dad, which was quite funny but not the highlight I expected. The title was quite apt as I felt like I had reached the end of the world and felt like jumping off. Unfortunately this film will make a fortune, though so far not as much as was predicted, and will probably spawn another sequel, but for me this was one voyage too far and I don’t think I will be getting this on DVD in six months time.  If you really have to go and see it, one, make sure you arn’t tired and two, go to the toilet before you sit down.    Rating 4/10