It has always been said that you should never make remakes as they are never as good as the original, same with sequels. When Ocean’s Eleven came out it proved everyone wrong, Steven Soderbergh and pals made a great caper movie that was a huge improvement on the Rat Pack original. Then came Ocean’s Twelve, which fell into the sequels are bad camp, not as good as the first film, it was a bit up it’s own arse, and the whole, “doesn’t she look like….” storyline line ruined what was until then a good film. Now obviously not fazed by the luke warm reception to Twelve we have the third adventure of Danny and his gang.

   After Al Pacino’s, Willy Banks, screws over Reuben (Elliott Gould) in a deal, that leaves him broke and critically ill, Danny gets the boys together again to get revenge. Banks is opening his new mega hotel and casino and wants everything to run smooth, but the Thirteen have made plans for the casino not to win that night, and have even called in their old enemy Terry Benedict for help.

   With a third film down the cast are now comfortable in their roles and with each other and it shows, like the first two the film is a lot of fun, but takes a while to get going but once the plan is underway it’s a great ride. Clooney has all the usual charm and confidence, as does Pitt, Matt Damon gets more to do this time and again the mormon brothers ,Affleck and Caan, provide some great comedy moments. Even our own Eddie Izzard gets to flex his acting muscles. There are a few familiar faces from the other films.  Compared to the first film, it’s not as good, lacking the energy, but is a vast improvement on the second film. Despite being a sequel it feels quite fresh amongst this summer of  part three’s, and is a very enjoyable way to spend two hours. You won’t be taking a gamble with this bet! Rating 7/10